Printmaking at CityLit and intro to abstraction at the Art Academy

Added on by Miguel Sopena.

More learning this term with two very interesting day courses, Printmaking at the CityLit with Thomas Gosebruch and introduction to abstract painting with Alex Virji at the Art Academy, the goal being to expand my technical and creative range and come up with ideas outside of what I've done so far which may keep developing and expanding in the future. The technical side of printmaking is always slightly mindboggling but the results (whether intended or serendipitous) can be (emphasis on 'can') stunning. The world of abstraction is, well, limitless (as well as scary) but Alex's strategy of drawing inspiration from a broad variety of source material and ways of working is incredibly instructive and moving beyond straight figuration is a lot of fun and feels hugely liberating. Watch this space.