New Studio Space at Turf Projects, Croydon

Added on by Miguel Sopena.

Incredibly exciting news! Starting in October, I have rented studio space in Turf Projects's new venue at the Whitgift shopping centre in Croydon, South London. Turf Projects is an artist-run, Croydon-based initiative kickstarted in 2013 and which maintains an ongoing programme of exhibitions, workshops, events and other activities. The Whitgift Centre venue is massive for an arts organisation, with the reception and exhibition space located in the ground floor, two more floors above available for workshops and other activities, and the artists' studios housed in the basement.

Ever since I completed my portraiture diploma two years ago I have essentially worked from home, and, even though I literally moved into my studio space at Turf only a few days ago, I already feel incredibly energised by working in a larger and much less cramped space and being a part of a larger creative community. This is helped by Turf's really helpful programme of development activities for artists such as monthly crits and workshops (see the website for more info).

A few studio spaces are (I believe) still available. The rents are affordable and access is flexible within the Whitgift Centre's opening hours. More details on Turf's website.

Very, very excited about this.