Artists' crit at Turf Projects, Croydon

Added on by Miguel Sopena.

I had a great time at the artists' crit I attended at Turf Projects, an arts initiative and art gallery which has existed since 2013 in Croydon, South London. The crit was led by Kate Turner and Alex McNamee alongside the Turf Projects artists and the atmosphere was incredibly helpful and friendly. The crits are open to all and a number of attendees presented work which was extremely interesting and varied and for which plentiful feedback was given in a rigorous and supportive fashion. I myself presented two large paintings from my Dénia series and the effort of lugging the canvases to the venue was absolutely worth it. This was in fact the first time I had offered up these pieces for comment and the feedback received was extremely valuable. Future crits are publicised on the Turf Projects website.

Given how valuable crits are, it is surprising that so few opportunities exist in London for those of us who are no longer involved in an academic setting so a big thanks to Turf Projects for making this opportunity available. Another organisation which runs open crits is Q-Art but they seem to have become infrequent (but check out the Peer Sessions website).

If you read this and find out about any other opportunities for artists' crits in London or nearby, I'd be very grateful if you dropped me a line- Thanks!