Workshop at HMP Pentonville with the London Shakespeare Workout

Added on by Miguel Sopena.

Last month (on 15 December) I participated as an artist in a workshop at Pentonville Prison in London organised by the London Shakespeare Workout (LSW). The workshop was joined by about ten prisoners and roughly the same number of drama students from the Arts Education Schools London. The group rehearsed a reading of a play (based partly on Shakespearean texts) which was performed the following week so there was a tremendous amount of energy in the room. I didn't have a clear idea what I was going to do but ended up sketching non-stop to try and capture that energy and judging from the results I was obviously taken by the power of the spoken word.




It was my first-ever visit to a prison and I am hugely grateful for the experience.

The London Shakespeare Workout has worked with offenders and ex-offenders all over the world. More details can be found on their website.