My practice is, first and foremost, about the expression of emotion. I enjoy experimenting with a variety of media but at present I work primarily as a painter. I trained as a portraitist and I retain a keen interest in the human figure and figurative painting but I have also developed a strong abstract and semi-abstract strand to my practice.

I remain fascinated with the endless expressivity of the human figure and drawing and painting from life is a constant exercise that filters into the rest of my practice. My work with the figure ranges from quick studies in a variety of media (graphite, chalk, ink, paint and watercolour, among others) to larger pieces and finished portraits. Some pieces are quick and instinctual responses, others are the result of careful observation and a longer work process.

My abstract work is generated through a wide variety of processes. It might start off as a quick improvisation using colour or collage, a play with composition on a piece of paper, a photograph of a cityscape or landscape which is abstracted on the canvas, a quick series of monoprints from a fast-paced printing session, or, at the other extreme (as in the case of my ongoing Dénia series), a slow investigation into memory and emotion which is processed into a pictorial piece. The formal language of my Dénia pieces includes thick oil paint mixed with impasto medium and marble dust to create unique textures.

I create work because I see creativity as a necessity. Even when the starting point for a given work is technical or very playful the creative process is always loaded with feeling.